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News 28 March 2019

Choosing how to equip your office is a task that apparently seems easy but can be quite demanding.

It is important to define well what the office needs. There is furniture that is essential, another that is optional - it is a matter of choice. 

Many companies and individuals come to you because they need guidance in choosing the office furniture. Our role is to work with you on the functionalities, ergonomics, well-being and balance of space, to design and produce solutions that really work.

And what should you take into account when choosing office furniture for your business or commercial space?

With more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of office furniture, we are free to claim that there are no “receipts” and will always depend on the costumer’s needs and budget, taking into account a significant set of data that will functionality, ergonomics, well-being and balance to space, always in tune with the needs of those who use it.
The lighting, ergonomics, comfort and also the cost-effectiveness of each piece of furniture should be carefully considered. As a result, we’ve gathered a few tips to make choosing and deciding the right purchase of the furniture for your office.
There are, of course, some furniture/components that are key in any work environment.

Desks – the ideal is that the desk is close to 75 centimetres in height, allowing a good position for those who use the computer and all computer gadgets. To choose the most appropriate model, think about how it will be used (whether you need storage drawers, some space to take notes, or just the laptop or keyboard and desktop). The “L” table format favors the execution of different tasks, while round tables facilitate the use for meetings. Questions that should be addressed – What is the area? Open space with multiple workstations or greater connection with large blocks and partitions per workstation? Which colours are most interesting depending on the type of user/generation? And the whole area of flip tops and access to electrical equipment? Who draws or designs must always imagine all the potential problems.

Chairs and Sofas – chairs and sofas are probably two of the most important items among the components of office furniture. Ergonomics is fundamental, as incorrect use can lead to injuries to the spine and neck, which can damage the well-being and performance of employees (even occupational diseases). Therefore, the comfort and ergonomics that these components contain in themselves should be taken into account at the time of purchase decision.

Shelves and Cupboards – where much of a company’s physical information is archived for easier access. Organized shelves and cupboards, in the right place of access, save time and optimize the productive process of the employees. If the aesthetic aspect and ease of access is taken into account, an entire company flows for better performances, always dependent on the area that we have available.

Office furniture in small spaces – especially for smaller spaces where the area of use is low and all square meters count. The suggestion is to take measurements of all office elements to acquire and make a 2D or 3D. As a suggestion of initial evaluation, we recall that furniture with straight lines is easier to distribute in small spaces.

If your case is really the beginning of a business and you want to save Money when choosing the furniture for your office, a good tip is not to buy everything at once. At an early stage, buy only the essentials, since the furniture can have significant weight in the budget. Start with the larger more essential components. Everything will depend on the budget, the framework and the use.

With a multidisciplinary team and 40 years of experience, we are able to help in the whole process so that the decision, design and functionality meet the needs of your space, always respecting the interests of those who buy and focusing on the price/quality!

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