How to choose the best office furniture solutions

News 17 June 2021
Choosing the best office furniture solutions is a more difficult and demanding task than it seems at first sight. The office is a space of concentration, creativity and productivity, where employees spend most of their days, so it is important that the furniture solution chosen is suitable to the employee and provides all the elements that he needs to maintain and/or increase his productivity.
It is imperative to choose the right furniture to meet the demands and needs of a company's daily routine.

How to solve the best office furniture solution for your company?


1 - To select the office furniture, you must have in mind that it must have a functional and attractive solution, with a modern design, but always adequate to the nature of your business and corporate identity. An office with the previous characteristics is fundamental to create a positive impact when a potential client or partner visits;

2 - The corporate identity of the company should be taken into consideration when selecting office furniture. In addition, the organizational and individual values as well as the culture of the organization are reflected through the image that the office presents;

3 - First, it is necessary to take into consideration that the furniture should be adequate to the needs and space of each department. Selecting office furniture incorrectly may lead to a decrease in comfort and consequently in employee productivity.

According to the space, which furniture should be chosen?




The choice of the reception desk should be made according to the image that the company wants to convey. The reception is one of the first contacts that someone visiting the company has with it. This is where first impressions occur and opinions are formed about the company's presentation.


  • DESK


The workstation selection is probably one of the most important in the office furniture selection process, not only because this is where the employee spends most of his time during the day, but also because it may compromise the employee's productivity.

The choice should take into account the height of the person who will sit at the desk in order to be comfortable. For this, there are several solutions such as the existence of tables with various sizes and models, some of which can be attached to other furniture, as is the case of stretchers.

In addition, with regard to space management, when a department includes more than two people, work islands are an interesting and advantageous furniture solution, and can have several configurations.




Like the table, chairs play a fundamental role in the employee's well-being. The employee spends almost all day sitting in the chair, so it is essential to evaluate ergonomic and adjustment issues. For this, it is necessary to evaluate factors as the time that the work accomplished by the collaborator demands that he/she is seated as well as the weight of who will be seated, trying this way to select the chair that better suits.




Organization not only at the workstation, but also in the department, is essential for productivity and for the corporate image of any company. Both cabinets and blocks are the best solution to this issue. The size and configuration vary, so you can arrange them to your liking in the available space.

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