Trends that were reinforced with the pandemic

News 30 April 2021
The coronavirus pandemic brought many changes in the way people live and interact socially. In a short space of time people had the need to leave their workplaces (offices) and work from home.

The home office, which was already a trend, became a forced necessity for many activities to continue to be developed.

In a gradual return to the physical work space, with some kind of flexibility in the pandemic, everything happened, companies that thought they were going to put all employees in home office and went back. Others have carefully studied which people are mature and for whom it would make sense to adhere to remote working.


Trends in corporate projects?

Hybrid environments - A strong trend is hybrid working. But what does this mean? It is a mix between remote and face-to-face work. Many companies are starting to realise that there are pros and cons to remote work. The idea is to enjoy the benefits of concentration, productivity and some advantages for the employee who spends some time working at home. However, with a certain period of time, this same professional will continue to visit the company to interact with the team, align objectives and analyse results. Thus, it is possible to maintain an aligned team.


Protection panels

In office environments where it is necessary that people work side by side, this type of panels make all the sense, even more so in the current situation. They can be of different models: acrylic, glass or even acoustic blankets (contributing to noise reduction).


Ergonomic chairs

One week after the beginning of the quarantine, the most searched expression in Google was "back pain". This shows that most people were not prepared for working from home and therefore had to improvise a working space at home, often using the chair at the dining table. At the end of the day, pains were left all over the body and people started to realize the importance of ergonomic chair really prepared to go with the working day, with proper adjustments to preserve health.


Small meeting rooms

There is a strong trend towards smaller meeting rooms for smaller groups of people. It is important to take advantage of every office space and create spaces for quick meetings, which do not need to be closed rooms. Often the use of individualized spaces and acoustic sofas already meets the need for small meetings.




Flexible workstations

Long before the pandemic, many offices were already doing away with fixed workplaces. Where each person has a desk to work and store their belongings. With the vast majority of people using mobile electronic equipment, such as laptops and mobile phones, many companies have differentiated spaces for people to choose how and where they want to work. These places can be workstations, collaborative areas or more private ones.

Depending on the activity to be carried out, the choice of workspace is made. Workstations are more used with front and side panels, this due to the distance caused by the pandemic. However, this is a trend which should remain in some areas which need more concentration and noise reduction, using acoustic panels.


There are several changes that are already happening and others that should happen in the next few years. It is important to evaluate that many of these changes are possible thanks to technological advances, which allow, for example, the person to work connected anywhere in the company even at home.
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