The ultimate checklist for buying office furniture

News 19 March 2021
The office is where we spend most of our time - over 70% of the Portuguese Gross Domestic Product comes from services. It is a place of concentration of people (small or large), creativity, productivity and efficiency.
Thinking and planning your decoration requires attention to detail and some technical knowledge to create a suitable environment for the work. And it's a kind of list that we try to indicate in this article, always aiming to help you decide.


We believe that above all the office should be ergonomic, i.e., have furniture with measures adjusted to the space and users, accessories that facilitate the support of feet and hands, and have materials and finishes that protect the health of those who live there.


The decorative component comes next. It is important that some attention is given to the image transmitted through the decoration (company or brand positioning), as it reflects the personality of who uses it, and in the case of companies, it should translate the values and culture of the organization, with direct impact on employee performance and credibility and reputation to the clients who visit.


#1 In summary it should be considered - the physical comfort (be ergonomic) to protect the health and well-being of who uses it; the psychological comfort to stimulate work, productivity and well-being; the transmission of concepts related to the target to be reached (corporate image); the organization of the space according to the activities that will be performed within it (tables for computers, tables for meetings, individual or team work, etc).


#2 Some questions to be considered even before the project - Will it be a residential or commercial office? What is the purpose of the space, to serve the public, to work alone? Use as a reading and planning space? How many people will use the space? What activities will be performed inside? What furniture is needed to properly perform these activities and properly store all the items?


#3 Then you should move on to - defining the layout, that is, thinking about the distribution of furniture and people circulation; defining the materials and wall coverings (paintings, colors, textures, and materials); thinking about the lighting, making the most of natural light and using artificial light properly


#4 Harmony in the composition - the parts and the whole must communicate, transmitting to the users of the space a feeling of well-being. For this try to establish a common concept to integrate the various elements (in the various spaces is a hint of a color or shades of color depending on the activities or business units)


#5 Balance - through the proportional distribution of visual weights, it is possible to promote comfort and tranquility. Horizontal lines, for example, transmit harmony, while vertical lines generate the sensation of action, strength and movement; value the most seen places (who enters the space as a visitor looks where? Make this place interesting because first impressions count


Furniture is probably the element that provides the most utility to the space, allowing activities to be adjusted to the needs. For the optimization of an office environment to have a good result, some items such as tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers, and shelves, should be carefully researched. Always have a few options for each of these items and then make a matrix that crosses price, quality and functionality.


Creating and planning an office may seem like a difficult task, however, with the tips in this article, it just got easier. Never forget to value the physical and psychological comfort of your colleagues and employees. Business is people, and the space should be as humanized as possible, as well as transmitting an authentic image of your company.

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