10 signs that prove that investing in office furniture is a good business

News 24 February 2021
The cluster where FERCIA is inserted is markedly industrial and most of the companies in the industry will keep their operations in this new confinement, even if subject to contingency plans and security.

Since June 2020, the furniture and related cluster has been on a recovery path (source: APIMA), after two very difficult months in April and May. According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in November 2020 the sectors that make up the industry exported 155 million euros, which represents an increase of 1% compared to the same period of 2019 (although with an overall cumulative drop in exports in the order of 15%).


Returning to the theme of the article, it is important to highlight the interesting adaptation by our client companies, redesigning spaces to comply with the safety standards recommended by health authorities. Some investments were made in remodeling during 2020, and office furniture played a very relevant role in this transformation.


From the studies we had access to, we noticed that more and more human aspects are being taken into account in the design of spaces, which includes (and benefits) ergonomic concepts and the relationship between users and the furniture they use. The "organizations are people" has become a refocusing of business.


Here at FERCIA what we want is to be among the trends and offer our best service to our clients. In a project, for example, we think about comfort, style and functionality for the users of the company that seeks us. At the moment of choosing, some doubts always arise regarding the best office furniture solutions. And the 10 factors and signs to take into account should be these as guidelines:


Increase productivity - it is already consensual that the environment influences the productivity and even the "happiness" of employees. A space planned and created to facilitate the daily life of those who use it;


Improving the organization of work - the organization of work is directly related to productivity. Therefore, all projects should have as one of the main objectives the improvement of the space organization and facilitation in the performance of routine tasks. The suggestion is to list the functions that are performed in each environment. From this analysis the functionality of the furniture should marry with the needs (practical and simple furniture);


Team's health and well-being - health is related to the well-being of your employees. And here we appeal to the prevention of occupational diseases usually associated with wrong postures. If the furniture is aligned with prevention, we are also evolving in health (see the next two tips);


Ergonomic chairs - their contribution should focus on the employee's comfort, even when working long hours seated. The main attributes should be: seat and backrest height adjustment; armrests; backrest inclination adjustment; high foam density; etc. The focus should be on the greatest freedom of movement, providing a personalized fit for each user. The more features the chair offers, the more comfortable it will be. And at the limit, the more it will act to prevent risks and health;


Tables adjusted to needs - tailor-made tables are also part of a well-designed project. Aspects such as height, width, shape, and even the material used for the desk must be considered (length and ergonomics). Ideally, the height should allow a seated person to keep his or her thighs and arms parallel to the ground. There should also be enough space under the desk to fit the chair. It is recommended that there be enough room for a person of average height to cross their legs comfortably;


Closets designed for use - they must have drawers that allow for the organization of documents and that are appropriately sized so as not to take up too much space; in the project they must be strategically positioned, close to the workstation, to facilitate the routine inside the office; the best position is to be located in spaces that do not hinder circulation, but that are still close enough to the main users;


Simple and functional decoration - the functionality of the office furniture to choose should always be the priority, more than design and beauty (although these are also relevant). What shouldn't stop you from designing a project that provides comfort for users and that has style and personality, in line with the tone of the brand and the company;


Style that perpetuates over time - the simplicity and timelessness of an office furniture design can help a cleaner environment. As well as easier to receive various decorative pieces that can contrast without clashing;


Formatting the layout - when developing a project for commercial and office spaces, the layout should be the first step, so that the use and passive changes, such as increasing staff, are contemplated. As well as complying with a set of health and safety regulations that may condition options and desires;


Context and surroundings - the environment should invite and enhance work and productivity. A space without context may not be meaningful to those who use it, and decorative plants can help. Then do not forget the natural lighting and climate control, as well as the use of colors (here the invitation is for an article we have dedicated in this blog on the use of colors)


Note that we try, and practice here in FERCIA's project development area, to give priority to creativity involving the client. Here in the company we see that, fortunately, there is a growing concern with developing products that are attentive to and contemplate the needs of furniture users. People have been at the center of the various projects we have developed.


Functionality has been our biggest challenge, besides the beauty and sustainability of the materials. We challenge you to put us to the test in a future project of redesigning your office.

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