Office chair selection?

News 20 January 2021
We have seen that the choice of the office chair is important. And the chair, too?
We spend most of our time sitting in a chair - especially those who work in offices. This chair plays a key role in their confrontation, health and welfare.

It is important, when choosing which chairs are perfect for your office, to think about who will use them and what functions the future user of the chair will perform.

The ideal is to choose ergonomic chairs with as many adjustments as possible (height, inclination, etc.), because an adjustable chair, allows customization to the user, giving the possibility to adjust it to their real needs and their body. The following adjustments are recommended: seat height; backrest height; and armrests.


  • Seat height and structure: the seat should be smooth, slightly tilted back and easily adjustable, so that the height is perfectly in agreement with the user of the chair;
  • Width and depth of seat: an ergonomic seat has had enough depth and width to support the user with all possible comfort;
  • Lumbar support: it is important that the backrest or support allows the back to fit with spine protection, requiring less effort from the neck to maintain a good posture;
  • Back support: the back support (chair backrest) should be adjustable both forwards and backwards;
  • Seat material: the seat and backrest material should be padded to maintain comfort even during long periods of work.
  • Armrests: when the chair has armrests, these should also be adjustable.
  • Castors: the chair should rotate easily, effortlessly, regardless of the type of floor;
  • Stability: working environments need good stability chairs, to support the day to day working environment. For this, a base containing five points is recommended;


 And the materials? And the finish? previously evaluate, when possible, the materials with which the chair components are manufactured. High quality materials provide greater strength and durability, and may eventually have a direct impact on price.

One of the most common mistakes in the choice of office chair is to take into account only the price. And what is your memory of the last really cheap chair you bought? Was the experience good? A good quality chair will have a high lifetime, ensuring well-being to your team as well as a good return on investment to the company.

Some tests are also recommended, even with your employees when possible. Sitting and testing for a few minutes, tinkering with the various settings and simulating working environment conditions, checking ergonomics, component quality, finish and comfort. Ask questions and ask the manufacturer or distributor for support. Commercial teams or office furniture consultants who are market leaders should have specialized people to help you.

Just in jest and metaphor - have you noticed the importance you give to the mattress you sleep on? the chair we use in the office should be ergonomic and of great quality taking into account some of the tips we present in this article. We are very demanding when it comes to buying a mattress, but we should also be demanding when it comes to the chair, as we may spend more time in it than in bed.

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