Back to work without stress: Kaizen and Feng Shui

News 24 September 2020

The return to work means mostly the return to the office, whether at home or in the business environment. Given this, for this return to work with energy, organizing the office becomes crucial.

In this article we present some loose ideas for the return to routine be pleasant and explore some models of organization of space and processes used.


The guarantee of a good return to work without stress and as light as possible is the creation of an inviting environment in your area of work.

Some tips that can help increase the feeling of well-being and productivity:

- Tidy up your desk: Tidying up and making sure your desks are kept tidy day after day is an excellent way to make sure you get everything you've planned done, without wasting time looking for documentation or material.

- Organization is the office's best friend: For one knows what the best form of organization is for him, however it is necessary that any form is guided by a perceptible logic. Organize the paperwork in chronological, alphabetical, relevance order, among others. Using colors or organizational elements can help a lot in this task.

- Renew office supplies: No waste, no unnecessary expenses. The feeling of releasing new material is a great motivation and very positive in a great part of people.

- Focus on natural light: If you change the layout of the office, position the desk in such a way that you can make the most of natural light.

- Order the cables: Who likes lost cables?! They are one of the most interesting items in the office, since they avoid a tangle of cables and keep them properly organized.




This method originated in the management of the Toyota group and currently has a presence in dozens of countries and companies.

What are the main objectives of this methodology:

- Increase in productivity

- Rentabilization and motivation of resources

- Disposal of waste

- Reduction of production times

- Equipment optimization

Although this method is known for its application in business management, we can easily adapt some of its principles to the office and individually.

Planning the working day

                Planning the workday for resource calculation is one of the principles of kaizen. Plan the next workday, what tasks, the priority of those tasks, the time spent for each one and the resources you will have to use to run everything as planned.



Automate processes

Technology is an excellent ally, if you know any application that can automate a particular task, go ahead! Analyze the tasks that can be managed in this way and look for corresponding technological solutions.

Avoid waste

                Materials and time. The reuse of paper is one of the best known ways to avoid waste in offices, however after a more detailed analysis you will find other ways to save essentially time and materials.



Also of origin, it is a method of organizing spaces, whose goal is to achieve harmony of balance. Applied in an office, this method allows the creation of a calm and creative environment.


Prefer wood: First of all it is a material of natural origin, comfortable for its color and texture, the wood has the capacity to transmit calmness. For these and many other reasons, it should be included in the office space;

The position: the comfort should be as much as possible, taking into account the number of hours we spend in the office. This way opt for a comfortable chair with arms.

                Colors: Many believe in the influence of color in our mood and for this reason Feng Shui uses them according to the desired goals within the environments.  Blue and green, for example, can act as a calming effect in the office, while yellow and purple stimulate creativity and concentration.

Let the natural light in: Chi circulates through natural light, so it is advisable to place the table in a lighted place. Otherwise, choose a warm light with lamps and yellow lamps.


Now that you know some answers to the restlessness of having a good return to work, take a deep breath... and put them into practice. With calm and a sense of organization everything will work out for the best and your return to work without stress will be successful!

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