What is intelligent and functional furniture in your office?

News 08 January 2020
The office, when well thought out and planned, can become the physical embodiment of the mission and values ​​of your company!

Therefore, it is essential to invest in creating environments that are aligned with business goals and when possible with modern, pleasant and versatile spaces, being able to involve our teams with the company, and hence the many tips we have here on the blog to help you make better decisions

If you look at the offices of some of today's leading companies, such as Google, Facebook, and Apple, you see that they all pursue the same goals - integration, functionality, connection, and sharing. For some time now, the most functional offices do not have large divisions, but rather community spaces and shared desks that encourage employees to work as a team. Proximity and connection in the work environment is an excellent way to stimulate creativity and knowledge sharing, with a strong sense of belonging and connection throughout an ecosystem.

How can I replicate this new models in my company?

If you wish to increase functionality, connection and sharing of ideas in your company, but you don’t have millionaires budgets as the new technological giants, there are a a number of other solutions that can be exploited, being able to provide great results, such as investing in furniture such as the STONE and LINE lines.

What is delivered with FERCIA solutions:

-          Design - design influences the acceptance of furniture by those who use it daily. The modularity of the components and the various colors allow you to adjust the visual effect you want to insert in the office; in addition, the colors (green, yellow, and beige) accompany the modern decor of today's offices;

-          Functionality - the furniture of an office must adapt the company’s routine, not the other way around; must have the ability to adjust quickly and practically to better suit the way their teams work; various split or light fixtures can be added to the workstations to make the user's life easier and allow more work space on the workbench;

-          Versatility - one of the features that makes the furniture of the two lines attractive to businesses looking for a functional office is that they can be moved and rearranged easily, making it easy to change office layout in a practical, fast and easy way; since the teams and business units are more dynamic today and with quick adjustments to market needs it is possible to make the layout change easily;

-          Maintenance - allows easy access to cables by the IT or telecommunications team; all this part of network and cables is in the boxes of connection hidden in the tables; everything recessed and easy to access, for the best possible visual presentation; this type of furniture has a great life time, as it is prepared for daily and intense use, typical of business environments;

-          Adaptation – the two lines are composed by modules that can have several configuration, existing an adaptability to which space and ambient type; everything is based on studies done for a better people circulation.

It’s more than 40 years of designing and producing furniture. We think about your business, its growth and in the adaptation to your work teams. The purpose of FERCIA is no more than in the limit provoke smiles and satisfaction in customers.

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