3 Christmas decorations ideas for your office

News 11 December 2019
The Christmas spirit invites communion, celebration with all the team, achievements, gifts and above all joy and good disposition in your office. Our specialty is in the manufacture of office furniture solutions, although we can give some tips, without the pretentious of wanting to be experts in decorating!



It is not just Christmas Day, but a party period (2 to 3 weeks of December), in which the good times can be shared within the environment of your office and commercial space. For this we have prepared this article with 3 suggestions with the aim of having your team more motivated with year-end initiatives!

Christmas Tree - One of the main elements of Christmas decoration is the tree that symbolizes hope and light. If your office has a wider space available, will justify investing in a tree sized format. And why not suggest an internal competition for the sketch of your décor? All together can carry out the winning project. So, in addition of bringing the spirit into the office, it is transformed into a good time to unite the team even more, as a teambuilding action and healthy competition! If space is not large, positioning a smaller tree in the social zone can also be an option. Another idea may also be small miniature trees scattered throughout the tables of all employees. Be imaginative and creative, involving the team in the best solution;

Decoration on doors and windows – windows and partitions are great for abusing creativity when decorating space. We suggest assembling suspended pendulums with Christmas allusions. Decorative balls or even light fixtures can help, highlighting not putting them in excess because it can cause distraction and decreased productivity. Another suggestion goes through messages authored by the collaborators allusive to the period of Christmas and New Year. Have you thought, also, to draw with spray on the windows to imitate snow? (There are various molds with dolls that can be used);

The secret friend's game and gift sharing – this is another moment that can unite your team and attract even more decorative elements to your space. Sharing and exchanging gifts can be in accordance with the rules defined in consensus by the group (type of gift and maximum price). And if the idea is to turn the event into an even more fun time, why not Christmas snacks during the week (the collaborators themselves can collaborate in the confection of typical sweets of the time). If the focus is the union of the team why not separate a corner in the office to have a symbolic "tree" and put the Christmas presents that further provide a special atmosphere; don’t forget, if it makes sense, to decorate the office chairs for the last two weeks in the year.

As a final suggestion it may be worth taking advantage of simple elements to decorate small spaces, such as ribbons around the tables, small decorative objects such as boots, or Santa dolls and bells allusive to the time.


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