5 tips for Organizing Your Desk in the Office

News 06 August 2019
It’s no surprise that a disorganized work table will hamper your ability to be effective in your tasks and, therefore, will influence the productivity of your work, the team and therefore, the company.
In other words, the larger the organization, the higher the productivity. The more papers and mess you have on your desk, the less space you’ll have for creativity and motivation, because your brain shifts the focus from what should be done. It is almost a matter of doing well (efficiency) and doing what has to be done (effectiveness).
Organization is a good habit, although it is not acquired overnight, but it’s possible to gradually become more organized through the constant repetition of a few steps as exemplified in this article. Take note of these tips- organize your desk and increase your motivation. Be an example in the organization of your secretary and contagious colleagues at our side!

1. Organize your papers – start by organizing paperwork as soon as you arrive at your table in the morning. The instinct is to leave it for later, but the truth is that the best way to keep your desk organized is to act daily; file the documents in the right place, so that you do not have trouble finding them later (by drawers or files). This tip also applies to digital documents such as photographs, product presentations, supplier documents, etc. Once you receive them, put them in the right folder; will make you waste less time when you need to find them;

2. Organize the drawers and dossiers – closing the mess in a drawer is not organization, nor will it help you be more productive! If you want to maximize your productivity, you must be able to find everything you need quickly; therefore, the drawers of your office pedestal and/or cupboard should also be organized;

3. Keep a paper basket at hand – have you realized that if you have the paper basket away from your desk you will end up delaying the process of putting in the trash what you don’t need? This factor inevitably leads to confusion and disarray; the closer you are to yourself, the better;

4. Before the weekend, do a cleaning – Fridays should be a day of deeper cleaning on your desk. Leave a half hour available at the end of the day to do it and get rid of everything you don’t need for the next week, so, on Monday, it starts with the clean and organized table;

5. Everything you don’t need, reject – do you really need everything you have on your desk? Probably not, so it’s time to get rid of what you don’t need. It’s very simple: either the object serves a purpose/need or else it does not to be close to you.

These 5 tips are easy to practice. Soon our advice is to take action, practice and soon you will see that the will will appear!
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