Colour can add dynamics to your office – check it out here!

News 23 July 2019
Several studies show that colours in the work environment affect our perception of the world - especially in the cognitive area, stimulating or not sensations according to the use of some of them as explained in this article.Adding colour to the work environment can give your company/brand a great image to your employees and customers, as well as the furniture you choose - colours can even enhance the company's brand identity and corporate culture.

The entrance to the office, and even the reception area should be viewed as the most important areas, as it will be the first impression of an outsider visit, even before entering the work area of the office to gather. The environment should be cosy and stimulated with cheerful and quiet colours to create a pleasant feeling about the work environment.The colours should be used for the benefit of the company, painting the walls with those that will, at the outset, positively impact and please more customers and employees.

The colours of the walls should play and be in tune, with consistency if possible, with the colours of the office furniture.One thing is certain – office productivity is heavily influenced by your environment and the colours you use. So much and be said about the effect of colours – in short, we realize the impact of some when it comes time to reshape your office:

Yellow – Yellow is indicated for low light and cold environments, for being a light and lively colour, emanating brightness throughout the environment and warming it; this colour conveys security, hope, freedom and positivism;

Orange – is perfect for cold spaces and with some moisture, is antidepressant and gives strength, invigorates and stimulates the mind; it is the colour of affirmation and joy, stimulating conversation and humour;

Green – fits in warm, low-ventilation spaces because it is cold and raw; green energy reflects participation, adaptability, generosity and cooperation; it also facilitates reasoning and increases awareness and understanding; 

White – is a more impersonal colour providing brightness if combined with other colours; associated with cleanliness, purity and innocence, this colour can be used as a colour suitable for the brand’s cleanest feeling; can also be used to obtain peace of mind, harmony and balance;

Red – it is the colour of motivation, activity and will; associated with heat and excitement, with the initiative and willingness to act. Note that it should be used without exaggeration, and it’s not recommended to cover large areas; increases attention, is stimulating and motivating; indicated to pass heat and energy, passion, strength and vitality of the company brand;

Blue – the colder colour of what is presented here, referring to the ocean, ice, water and the sky; is a colour associated with duty, beauty and ability; the serenity of the blue conveys peace, confidence, and pleasantly relaxing healing feelings; has great power of attraction, is neutralizing in the restlessness of the human being and calms the teams in their spaces; 

Black – the black colour is almost always the colour of mourning and penance; is a colour that denies light, although it is the complete physical junction of colours; it’s good for office spaces that wish to reflect authority, respect, power, luxury, ostentation, struggle, fears, obscurity, neutrality, opposition and simplicity. Should be used with caution by closing the environment.

It is recommended not to colour each square meter of your company with strong colours. Instead, adding small coloured details to the desks can also help your employees’ productivity. Covers, staplers, notebooks and other office accessories can make a difference to create a more colourful workplace.
The psychological effects of colours then play an important role in the daily work of a company, and may even increase the energy levels of the team. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your office, we recommend researching the psychology of colours and the effect they can have on the environment of your office.

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