Discover the importance of flowers and vases in your office decor

News 27 May 2020
Ever imagined cleaner and fresh air in your office? Less pressure, stress and even greater productivity are some of the benefits of “more plants and more green” – some already proven several times – can bring to the spaces of your company.
Almost everyone recognizes the importance that plants have for decoration. But when you choose to give a “greener” touch to the work environment, the changes are not just for the decorative side of space. Plants bring many benefits, often overlooked and which one we try to address in this article.
They are indispensable for those who care about well-being and health, as they improve the quality of the air, stimulate creativity and also make people work with a smile – studies even show that employees who have plants in their office are 14% more productive.
We must not Forget is that they need dedication beyond water. Soon, the whole team must adopt them as their! And who adopts, cares.
And what are the results of investing in plants in your office:

Environment with greater joy and freshness – Studies show that plants directly and indirectly promote happiness, tranquillity and relaxation. A study by an American university showed that investing in green can have a big effect on the happiness and well-being of a company’s employees; the survey involved 450 employees. Those who had plants in the office were more satisfied with their working conditions compared to those who had no plants in their spaces;
Promotes air filtration (more purity) – the growth of plants also helps to filter the air, which can consequently improve the quality of life – “Green” is able to absorb pollutants from indoor environments; But for this to happen, the advice is to have, when possible, the plants near the windows;
Increases the relative humidity of the air – plants improve the levels of humidity of the air. This happens because 98% of the water absorbed by the plants is returned to the environment, increasing humidity by up to 15% indoors, such as offices (the air becomes lighter, promoting better health); It may even, according to some studies, reduce dust by 20% and leave the rooms more comfortable, since the humidity of the air remains in ranges of values recommended for human health (30% to 60%);
Increases productivity – another study of European origin demonstrates that indoor plants still help maintain focus and improve efficiency and effectiveness at work; according to the data, there was even a 14% increase in productivity in works done in the presence of plants.
What are you waiting for? Promote, in addition to the simple decorative element, the plants as solutions for the well-being and health of your team!
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