How to make someone “WOW” on a visit to your office

15 May 2019
When a costumer has a good first impression about our ofice, his decision about working with us can be influenced.
This is the main objective of this article - to help your costumer to choose you instead of your competition.
Many companies have significant marketing budgets. A lot of money is invested in the promotion and communication of the business. But is the return of it measured when it comes to office furniture?
These efforts and budgets aim to clarify the purpose, values and solutions of your company. They give potential customers and partners an idea of what to expect based on the expectations they communicate. However, many businesses ignore one of the simplest ways to make a good impression: your physical office – beyond your reception area in particular.
The reception area is one of the first things that the visitors and costumers experience personally in relation to your company.  The best thing is to make a great first impression. The furniture, design, functionality, layout and colours can make a difference and causa a “wow” impact. A consistent impact with your brand will generate a good experience.
Here, in addition to the above, sensory marketing can also be used for the benefit of a first impression. Think of a time when a certain scent has brought back memories long forgotten. That memory in our brain may be the reason. So, we must harness the power of sensory marketing when we idealize our reception and all the office furniture for the spaces of our teams. Also consider how the arrangement of certain elements effects our brain. Some plants can affect the quality of the air as some raw materials in the furniture can have a pleasant aroma.
Our advice is to create rewarding experiences with your customers – comfort should be a priority. If the goal is a more modern and professional area, we should design surfaces with some brighter and angles. Anyway, the ideal furniture project is one in which there is coherence between the image that we want to leave and the one that is really perceived by those who use it. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback to those who use your work space, be it a costumer or even a collaborator.
The most important thing is to set priorities when you are asking for a budget/ project from a company that specializes in office furniture. Decide how you want visitors to feel when walk into your office. Then, work hard with a specialist to turn those feelings into reality.
Once you set your goal (what you want to achieve in the imagery of whoever visits you), you must align each sensory experience according to your purpose. Regardless of the techniques you use, never underestimate the power of a first impression – either for the reception or for your office in general.
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