5 Ways to create a better workplace

News 04 June 2019
Combining the most playful with the professional is a challenge for your office - whether it's used by a dozen people or by hundreds.
But how can we create a better working environment? How to help work environment with a solution of furniture and more relaxed and productive spaces?
Some of the most bold and better-working companies are betting, in addition to the functional working furniture, in attractive spaces of relaxation and meal.
In the limit, what they seek is the involvement and commitment of their employees, to achieve better performance. In the end, what really matters but this?
Have motivated, happy teams, to enjoy what they do and the perfect setting. Comfort, well-being and happiness is what you’re looking for, as most of the day we spend in our work space.
All this results in commitment among colleagues who share the same space and the same goals, day after day. Motivated employees are, at the outset, more productive employees. This should be the philosophy of a company when designing solutions for their customers or when creating office furniture lines. Deliver results to your partners, far beyond the product being manufactured!
There are then 5 tips for creating a better working environment when we talk about office furniture:

1 Do not go much further than necessary – It is customary that most customers want a functional environment different from the others (something original and with impact). But it is important not to exaggerate this daring for exclusivity. Curved furniture may not be functional. In our experience of 40 years, it is observed that when there are many visual stimuli, the office work environment itself can be the cause of distractions that decrease productivity. So daring, yes, but in a healthy way!

2 Follow ergonomic rules – Ergonomics is the study of the relationship of the human being and the environments in which he finds himself, in this case of work. Here are some things to keep in mind: adjust the chair at a height that allows your feet to always rest flat on the floor and position the forearm parallel to the floor when typing and positioning the monitor so your eyes can see the entire desktop without sudden jerking of the head.

3 Allow the space to receive natural light – we need natural light to live. Therefore, the office space should have a window with a direct sunlight. But do not forget the famous lamps. Natural light is a must, but it probably will not be enough to brighten up your office. So do not Forget the lighting (even incorporated into the furniture) – in addition to Wall lights, always try to place lighting points in the desk – these lights can provide enough brightness and still leave the frame more comfortable. 

4 Create a Comfort space in the office – however small, is very important. Working long without a break can be detrimental to health and your own productivity – you have to stop to regain concentration. When it comes to rest, contemplate a comfortable place. Everything depends on the space available, find it or ask for help to draw it.

5 Customize to your measure, with good judgment – it is important to customize the table, with photos and other props, but without exaggerating. Remember that it is your workspace. Keep everything you need as close as possible. Some solutions go through thinking about functionality before and not after purchasing your office furniture.

As we think of people, because we believe that business is people, we try to design and build functionality and productivity for our costumers’ teams.

The way out should be to go beyond the product, looking for welfare benefits at work!
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